For centuries, humans have used cultured foods to maximize health and promote longevity. Kombucha is a slightly sweet and slightly tart (think apple cider) fermented tea that has naturally occurring effervescence - and has often been referred to as "the elixir of life" for it's many recognized health properties. Among other things, Kombucha contains powerful aerobic probiotics and detoxifying organic acids. It's also packed with vitamins and of nature's perfect foods!

Kombucha is a “functional beverage”, meaning just that. It’s richness in probiotics, beneficial acids, and antioxidants make it a triple threat in the beverage industry and is growing by the double digits each year!

*Fun Fact: There are plenty of references on the internet about the origin of Kombucha. Legend has it, a Japanese emperor was healed with a tea fermented by his doctor, Kombu - hence the word Kombucha. DKBCo.’s tea master, Eli Majid pointed out that the word Kombucha literally means “Seaweed Tea” in Japanese - Ha! Safe to say our modern version of kombucha is something entirely different. Now you’re in the know…thanks, Eli!



DKBCo brews exclusively with Eli Tea Bar in Birmingham, MI. Tea master and botanist, Eli Majid, collaborates on tea blends for our signature kombucha flavors. In 2017, Eli won an “Eater Young Guns” national award for his tea originality and influence.

In a world full of soda, be a kombucha!
— Annonymous